Application Mode

Apply 3 pearls in the morning and 3 pearls in the evening on a cleansed face, or directly on the blemishes.


The packaging of the Beuty Pearls is designed in such a way that the rest of the product is not contaminated when picking up the pearls for use, as it has a spoon to pick them up one by one, as well as a mirror on the lid to facilitate their application anywhere.



The treatment can be repeated as often as desired without risk to the skin. This results in a unified tone and a visible anti-ageing effect.




Hyaluronic Acid

Restores skin hydration levels, prevents and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. 



Helps the gradual disappearance of blemishes and unifies the complexion.



Whitening and exfoliating action, skin cell regenerator and anti-ageing.


Organic Rayolis

It is composed of natural extracts of apple and raspberry. It is anti-free radical and helps to slow down skin ageing by helping to reduce the degradation of skin elastin.

Aloe Vera

Repairing, regenerating, soothing and healing action.


Essential Oils

Lemon, jasmine and vanilla.


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