Beauty Pearls Technology

The Beauty Pearls L 'âme Maya Paris were developed with avant-guard technology, and without the use of chemical products that could affect your skin. The pearl is formed with a membrane that covers and protects the active ingredients, made from all-natural alginates, so the power of the pearl will not be released until the bead breaks in the skin.


The perfect combination of Anti-Aging and Illumination Serum

Serum Beauty Pearls is a highly innovative product formulated with Organic Rayolis and Arbutin. This concentrated anti-aging, brightening and natural serum, unifies the skin complexion and reduces elastase by approximately 30%. Elastin is less degraded and the skin is softer, firrmer and shows less expression lines and wrinkles. 

The Beauty Pearls respect the environment and are not tested on animals.

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